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    The Added Benefits of American Made
2013 has seen a significant shift towards buying American made promotional merchandise. In fact, a recent survey conducted found an overwhelming majority of customers prefer to buy American made. But is it worth the extra costs? Click here to read what the added benefits are of buying promo items made in America.

    Join The Cause
Promotional products are a great way to increase engagement. They are perfect for getting philanthropists enthusiastic about your summer charity event. Click here to read on how promotional items can get your volunteers and participants excited about your fundraising or awareness events.

    Keep It Classic
Golf season is finally upon us. Benefit from one of America's favorite pastimes by handing out golf promotional items with your brand on it. Click here to learn how you can keep your golf promotional items fresh while retaining golf's classic feel.

    Motivate and Reward
Let GPI help you set up an effective corporate wellness program. Climb aboard the bandwagon and introduce a program to improve your employees well-being. Click here to find out ways in which promotional products can help your employees achieve their health goals.

    Add Madness to Your Promotional Products
The excitement is building as March Madness is only a few weeks away. As exciting as the tournament is, it also uses sound tactics which can be used to improve your business in 2013. Click here for elements of March Madness that can be used to take your company's promotional products to the next level.

  New Year, New Gear
Welcome in 2013 with exciting promotional items for both your clients and employees. Click
 for six trend-setting products that are sure to bring attention and recognition to your brand.

    Spend A Little, Gain A Lot
Promotional items give you one of the highest returns on investment, so why not include them in your advertising budget. The 2012 ASI Central Impressions survey demonstrates how effective and cost efficient promo items are. Click here to read on how promotional items can help promote your business in 2013. 

    Give a Permanent Thank You
Trophies, plaques, clocks and more. Show employees they have your appreciation by handing out awards at the end of the year. Align your message with the perfect gift to ensure the highest degree of satisfaction. Click here to read which awards will fit your message.

    Plan Your Branding
Every time you brand your materials you make certain decisions. Do you want a lasting impression? Do you want a quick hit? Do you want to say something about your company? Or say something about the recipient? If you can tell us what you want to achieve, we can help you achieve it. Click here to view some quick tips on ordering promotional products. 

    Visible Branding
The transition from summer to fall brings new opportunities for expanding your brand visibility through community events and programs.  Schools look for sponsorship; communities plan fall festivals, and cooler weather is ideal for athletic competitions and marathons. For a marketing professional, these philanthropic alternatives can generate a heightened brand awareness and positive attitudes towards corporate image. Click here to view the full article.

    How Mobile Are You?
Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and Droids. Sounds futuristic, but these are just some of the latest advances in mobile technology. Do not become overwhelmed and give up on learning the current trends, it is important to stay updated. Take a 5 minute quiz to see how "mobile" you are and learn how upgrading your mobile knowledge will benefit your company by clicking here

    Promote Within
A company's image presented to its customers cannot be represented properly if its staff does not believe in it. Make it a priority to show you care right from the beginning of employment all the way until the end. Giving back a little to your company's most important asset can have staggering effects on your organization. Discover solutions to promoting a united work environment by clicking here.

    Trending Today
Stay current with what electronics, accessories, and business items are hot in 2012. Help create brand awareness by staying on top of the latest promotional trends. Find out what promotional solutions will keep your company ahead of the curve by clicking here.

    Employee Spotlight
With over 115 years of combined experience in promotions, no request is too big for the Global Promotions & Incentives team to handle. The Davey Tree Expert Company agrees saying "Our promotional programs require broad selection of items, seamless fulfillment and responsive customer service. Global delivers." Three exemplary team members, Donna SperberDarryl Hunt,and André Thornton Jr., use their industry expertise to develop and progress each account to maximize satisfaction. Read more on how Donna's, Darryl's and André's experience can help you by clicking here.

    Promote Strategically
No matter the size or status of a business, never overlook the simplest principle: Develop and maintain the best relationship with customers as possible. These days, starting that relationship requires a lot of planning and bit of strategy. Your goal should always be getting your company name recognized. Click here to read more.

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